The Ratio 2017.9

Ted Laurent of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on growing into a leadership role with the team, and how they’re staying positive at 0-4. And, Shawn Lemon gets his Doug Flutie bobble head!

The Ratio 2017.8

We go @TorontoArgos heavy in advance of the “Retro” game. We have Demetrius Maxie reflecting on those teams plus @CFLSara on selling the past, present and future to fans. And, as always a Twist of @SLemonator

The Ratio 2017.7

This week, Shawn Lemon talks about the “punishment” for watching TV without his wife, Ricky Foley on life without football, and #whataboutkaren – who cares?

The Ratio 2017.6

Shawn Lemon on being “King of the Grill” and @MaritimeCFL on the future? of the Atlantic Schooners.

The Ratio 2017.5

Canada Day special with Shawn Lemon, Don Narcisse and a few thoughts on Canada from Mike Reilly, John White and others.