The Ratio 22.0

Grey Cup memories from Tony Gabriel, Paul Osbaldiston and @CFL_Alumni Exec.Dir. Leo Ezerins plus Final Point thoughts on Jeffery Orridge’s concussion comments.

The Ratio 21.0

Setting up the Finals, a chat with former CFL linebacker Mike McCullough about his 2003 combine performance, and the Final Point wonders if the “Combine” in Saskatchewan will feature SK-related testing.

The Ratio 20.0

This week, CFLPA Exec. Dir. Brian Ramsay talks player safety and his “Best Game Ever”. Plus, is President-elect Donald Trump a CFL fan – we think so. We’ll tell you why in the Final Point.

The Ratio 19.0

How is the Eskimos and the Mic’d Up debate like en episode of Cheers? John Chick on Cross Fit and more on this week’s show!