The Ratio 13.0

CFL HOF 2016 Inductee @DougBrown97 on why he thought he was in trouble when he got the “call to the Hall”. Plus, does the CFL have a marketing problem?

The Ratio 12.0

This week Paul Osbaldiston shares fond memories of the ‘Little General’ Ron Lancaster. Also the best game ever from Dan Rashovich.

The Ratio 11.0

Troy Westwood on the Banjo Bowl origin, Scott Schultz on his post-sack banjo celebration and a marketing opportunity lost, PLUS what does BANJO stand for? All in this week’s show.

The Ratio 10.0

Labour Day Classic special! Scott Schultz says Troy Westwood looks like a roadie for what 80s hair band? Westwood has his own memories of a big kick in Regina, and Paul Osbaldiston on some legendary games against the Argos.