The Ratio 5.0

Was fair food to blame for the Eskimos 2nd half collapse? Flo Rida song titles aptly describe the state of all CFL teams after Week 5. Plus, we find out which NFL legend gave Henry Williams the nickname “Gizmo”.

The Ratio 4.0

Duran Duran to blame for poor Argos attendance? And 400 games or not, get off the field Wally! All that and Gizmo Williams’ Best Game Ever on this week’s show.

The Ratio 3.0

Can we get another metaphor for tie games besides “like kissing your sister”? And, Tony Gabriel tells us how much money he passed up with the New York Giants to play closer to home.

The Ratio 2.0

This week did Rick Campbell deserve some of the blame for the Duron Carter incident? Tony Gabriel’s Best Game Ever and Chris Walby goes one on one with Bobby Jurasin in a hotel hallway? It’s all covered in this week’s show. Plus, could the CFL use more publicity, good or bad?

The Ratio 1.0

A light look at CFL headlines, plus CFL HOF lineman Chris Walby tells us about his “Best Game Ever” and we talk with the Rider Fan behind